1. 'HipHopHead (kinda) /shameless self-promotion' mashup :-)

  2. DPS and single page illos for KLM’s internal magazine for a piece on the airline’s efforts to continually improve their inflight recycling scheme

  3. 20 year anniversary HipHopHead

  4. New HipHopHead

  5. Illo and icons for Fast Company magazine for a piece on Johnson & Johnson’s innovation centre

  6. Another new one for Focus magazine on the subject of biometrics - the iPhone 5s TouchID system has been found to be unlockable using body parts other than the finger including nipples and even a cat’s paw.

  7. The latest in my regular illustrations for The Next Big Thing column in Science Focus magazine. This one is about the very near possibility of wi-fi controlled cars, where losing connection could obviously have serious ramifications!

  8. 'The struggle between science and politics for public policy' for The Times Higher Education

  9. 'Social media and protest' in today's International and domestic New York Times

  10. New illo for ADWEEK Magazine - 'Organisations need an invention-first mind-set for creating stronger client relationships' 

  11. My cover for the latest issue of Connected For Business magazine

  12. The Times Higher Education - Cover and feature illos for a piece on the pitfalls of getting academic work published

  13. Times Higher Education - 'Academic leaders need to use emotional intelligence'

  14. I love doing icons and had great fun with these for Strutt & Parker. They were for a piece on key events throughout the decades - Concorde’s maiden flight, , the end of Baby Boomer births, Atari’s first video game console, interest rate reaches all time high, Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web, Channel Tunnel opens, Tescos becomes first supermarket to offer online shopping, Apple iPod launched, Lehman Brothers collapses.

  15. 'Flagship stores' for Rhapsody magazine